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Lunchbox: Digital Shelf

Well kids I made it past one day so as the man says “I’ve got that going for me “ . Today I am going to throw at you some titles that you should be checking out this Wednesday March 28th on your iPads, and Kindles . There’s the usual suspects like the DC new 52 , and a bunch of Avengers stuff , but here’s some stuff that might of fell off your radar so take out your spacebucks.

Full list of comics:


Transformers: Autocracy #6 $0.99


I’ve been reading this book since the beginning and am loving it. This a digital only book that comes out every other week for 99 cents. I highly suggest you go back and pick up the issues you missed . You get 8 pages per issue and they are going to twelve issues . So 96 pages for $12 isn’t to bad. I’ll go in depth more later in the week, but basically if you like books about terrorists that blurs the lines this is for you. Also if you like Transformers this is great Optimus is not a prime yet, and what he is doing is not entirely clear as far as legal or not. I do know this issue is where it starts to pick up, but this is a book you need to be on for the whole thing so again go back.

Avengers vs X-Men #0 $3.99


What can I say I am a sucker for 0’s and team ups. add in two teams duking it out and I swoon like that sparkly vampire dude rolled in. Brian Michael Bendis wrote this and it’s pretty self explanatory of what its going to be. And this is not an obscure title, but I’m this is the internet and I make the rules.

Dorothy of OZ Prequel #1 $3.99


Not really sure why I want to check this out . I don’t have a valid excuse except maybe I can get the wife to read it . It’s based on the upcoming animated film . It tells the story of what happens before her return to OZ which sounds cool to me. Plus I am really digging the preview pages art.

There is also some first time digital titles this week that I might be checking out.

Teen Titans 1-6

Batman Confidential #1-6

Just a small taste on what you might want to check out on the digital market this week. Not sure about digital comics just dive on there’s free issues all the time and there is also deals like Avengers v X-Men for example that come with a free code so no risk to at least try.

Burnt Weiners – Bats And X Episode 010


It is a Christmas miracle . .  that John actually got this thing edited and up before January!!! Sorry for the delay folks! Robb and John take a look at some of the happenings in the titles following the X-Men and the Bats family! Also, they may or may not talk about “bareback”

Burnt Weiners – Bats And X Episode 008


Robb invited John over to talk about comics, and instantly regrets it. But, during that time of regret, they both have plenty of talk about X-Men books and several of the DC relaunch #1’s. There might also be some talk about DRIVE and Adam Warrock.

Intro & Outro Music:
From Adam Warrock’s BROWNCOAT MIXTAPE – www.adamwarrock.com

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Burnt Weiners – Bats and X Episode 007


Robb and John sit in front of a microphone to talk about the last month of DC comics before the complete overhaul of the entire Bat universe . . . well, sort of . . . kinda? Robb is also pumped about Schism and what X-stories it will lead into with some of the new and current X books!

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Burnt Weiners Episode 081 Loose Ends – Cobra Civil War – BPRD


COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBRA!!!!!!!!! Bo and Weed both try out some new series and things outside of what they have normally picking up, all while John proceeds to laugh at the anatomy chart he found in his uncle’s garage . . . he he he

Intro and Outro Music:
Adam Warrock – “Sixth Gun”

0:00:50 – Intros & Nefarious Plans
0:03:15 – Lady Mechanika #2 (Aspen)
0:09:05 – BPRD Hell On – Earth Monsters #1 (Dark Horse)
0:12:28 – Loose Ends #1 (Twelve Gauge)
0:18:20 – Ghostrider #1 (Marvel)
0:23:35 – Red Wing #1 (Image)
0:27:25 – Gladstone’s School For World Conquerers #3 (Image)
0:32:10 – GI Joe: Cobra Civil War #1 (IDW)
0:37:35 – Birds Of Prey #14 (DC)
0:44:15 – Johns Medley: Mystery Men #3 (Marvel), American Vamp Survival Of The Fittest #2 (Vertigo), All Winners Squad Band of Heroes #2 (Marvel), Lil’ Depressed Boy #5 (Image)
0:48:00 – Bo’s Medley: Crawl To Me #1 (IDW), Punisher Max #15 (Marvel), Daken #11 (Marvel)
0:52:45 – Weed’s Medley: Mystery Men #3 (Marvel), X-Men Schism #1 (Marvel), Dollhouse #1 (DH)
0:59:25 – Outros and More Nefarious Plans
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Burnt Weiners – Bats and X Episode 005


Robb once again rocks the mic, this time talking about Batgirl, Batboy, Batkid and all the other million bat characters, before touching upon the X side of things. John goees off on a bit of a rant about Tony Bedard (just kidding Tony, really, you are fine when you are not ruining the books that John loves), and Robb admits he has fantasies of biting Geoff John’s throat clean out!

Burnt Weiners – Bats and X Episode 004


Robb joins John once again to talk about both the Batman and the X-Men Universe, both huge comic franchises practically ignored by the Weiners on the regular show. This week, John has to hold Robb closely as the DC Relaunch/Reboot/Whatever news has Robb in near tears. Please note at the time of this recording not all titles were announced and news was still coming out, or Robb would have cried even harder.

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Burnt Weiners Episode 073 Flashpoint – Rocketeer


The Weiners are back and better than ever, although in absolute truth, that is still way below the national average! Checking out some Flashpoint and Rocketeer, talking a bit about The Rapture and Macho Man, secretly wishing someone would buy them a bunch of action figures and comics!

*Note – We are still recovering a bit from a computer failure, so please excuse some mic crackling with this episode. Thank you

Into and Outro music:
Kirby Krackle – “Great Lakes Avengers” from their album “E For Everyone”

0:03:20 – Brimstone #1 (Zenoscope)
0:05:20 – Grim Fairy Tales TPB 1 (Zenoscope)
0:07:45 – Giant Size X-Men #1 (Marvel)
0:16:10 – Heroes For Hire #7 (Marvel)
0:19:00 – Infestation #1 (IDW)
0:22:55 – Rocketeer Adventures #1 (IDW)
0:25:55 – Birds of Prey #12 (DC)
0:28:54 – The Darkness: Accursed Vol1 TPB (Top Cow/Image)
0:33:15 – Sigil #3 (Marvel)
0:33:56 – Amazing Spider-Man #661 (Marvel)
0:36:55 – Drums #1 (Image)
0:39:10 – Lil’ Depressed Boy #4 (Image)
0:40:43 – Batman Arkham City #1 (DC)
0:43:08 – The Unwritten #21 (Vertigo)
0:45:13 – Flashpoint #1 (DC)
0:48:20 – God speaks to John and wrapup!

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Batman and X Episode 002


Robb once again joins us to talk about the current state of X-Men and Batman comics . . . and he may or may not also be talking about his love of all things Jay-Z!

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